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The Black Mask must stop a group intent on setting off a DNA bomb that could cause mutations to the human race.

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original title: Black Mask 2: City of Masks

genge: Action,Drama,Sci-Fi


imdb: 6.1

duration: 1h 42min



keywords: secondpart, supervillain, supervillainess, mutation, genetics, sequel, kungfuclassic, returningcharacterwithdifferentactor, vigilante, vigilantism, vigilantejustice, maskedvigilante, fistfight, brawl,

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Genetic modification means Black Mask has superhuman fighting and healing powers. He is searching the world for top geneticists who might be able to reverse his mutation, which has stolen his ability to feel emotion. His maker, whom he's running from has an amateur rival in this sequel though. Someone is hybridizing the DNA of top pro-wrestlers with that of animals, making them stronger and deadlier. But the process is turning the wrestlers (Iguana, Chameleon (Traci Lords), Snake, Wolf, and Claw) slowly more into animal killers, than human-beings. Black Mask tries to help the wrestlers but their boss has plans for BM himself. The Black Mask must stop a group intent on setting off a DNA bomb that could cause mutations to the human race. This has got to be one of the biggest disappointments of the year for me. I know that the first Black Mask was no work of art, and that without Jet Li this movie wasn't going to be all that to begin with, but when I heard Tsui Hark was directing and producing, especially after the excellent Time and Tide, and that Yuen Wo Ping was doing the fight scenes I had high hopes it would rise above it's B-List cast of actors and wrestlers, especially the unknown in the lead role. Imagine a blend of the first Black Mask, toss in elements of MANIMAL, SWAMP THING 2, GUYVER 2 and the prerequisite MATRIX, and throw in some over the top WWF and comic book gimmicks and you might have some idea on what to expect, and I dont mean this in a good way. From terrible acting all around( I mean, c'mon, most are wrestlers) to some really horrid F/X and tremendous use of wires, there's nothing to recommend besides the few glimpses of some decent fighting and what started out as almost being a cool blend of an over the top action and comic book movie. AVOID AT ALL COSTS! I KNOW THIS IS A BAD MOVIE.The screenplay is really bad,and the actors are unknown and the budget is pretty low.But it has it's entertaining moments.The acting and the direction are decent.And this movie is original in it's own bizarre kind of way.I wouldn't recommend this movie to people who love to watch quality movies.Although it has some funny moments and good action scenes and decent CGI it is a pretty bad and trashy movie.But it is not the worst movie ever made.Have you ever watched The foreigner with Steven Seagal or Derailed with Jean Claude Van Damme.Those movies are much worse than this.This movie is at least original and it does not contain clich辿s.This is a bad movie,but it is not a painful experience to watch it,and it is semi-entertaining.


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